The Trends That Will and Won’t Work for Minimalist Style

If Los Angeles–based influencer Jen Andrews-Cater were to describe her style, minimalist would be the first word to come to her mind. While the outfits she puts together are forward and of the moment, they have an ease to them to give that minimalist feel. On that note, there are a few key fall items she is wearing or plans on wearing to create her pared-down fall ensembles. 

Alternatively, there are also fall trends she doesn’t plan on wearing much because they don’t fit within her personal style. And yes, all of that intel is coming your way for style and shopping inspiration. Of course, it’s important to remember that you should always wear what you love, despite what someone else may be into to not into.

Keep scrolling to check out the fall staples Andrews-Cater personally will and won’t wear to complete her simple and chic looks. There are also product recommendations if you want to add something fresh to your wardrobe. 

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