The Only 8 Vintage Fashion Trends That Matter in 2022

It’s true: What goes around tends to come back around eventually. Since we know that fashion is cyclical in nature, it should come as no surprise when we see trends resurrect themselves from the past. And now, more than ever, nostalgia is very in. The fashion crowd is always revisiting the archives in order to reinvent the wheel for the seasons to come, fixating on one decade or period of time before moving on to the next. In the past several seasons alone, we’ve cycled through retro ’70s prints’80s neon brightsand ’90s minimalism.

Fortunately, “vintage” and “vintage inspired” seem to be the phrases of the year, with both sartorial and sustainable trends moving in the same direction. We’ve rounded up the top vintage trends for 2022 so you can get to thrift-shop hunting or grab a modern, updated version if you prefer. Whether it’s by raiding a parent’s closet, scouring resale sites, or purchasing a new piece, the sky’s the limit for your 2022 wardrobe.

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