The Denim Trends That Work for Any Age

Fashion influencer Melissa Meyers is filled with shopping and styling tips. While age has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear, her more experienced sartorial point of view at 57 is consistently intriguing. On that note, she recently shared some of the fall items she will and won’t wear this season. To expand further, Meyers actually offered up insight into the denim style she’s going to be retiring and what she’ll be opting for instead. Of course, it’s important to remember that you should always wear what you love, despite someone else’s personal preferences.

For reference, it’s skinny jeans that Meyers won’t be wearing as much this season. No, the silhouette isn’t going anywhere (it’s a classic at this point), but for Meyers, there are other styles she’s favoring. She also thinks her new go-tos can really work for everyone given their chic and versatile nature. Keep scrolling for more. 

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