The 9 Most Stylish Celeb Halloween Costumes of All Time

I must admit that I’m not much of a Halloween person. I usually half-ass my costumes using pieces I already own mixed with cheap Party City accessories. (A striped shirt with a sailor hat has been my go-to costume for several years running.) But after compiling this story, I’m feeling extra inspired this year to come up with something a bit more fun. The costumes I included below aren’t scary, out-there, inventive, or silly—they’re just plain stylish. And they can be re-created with things you already own or items you can absolutely wear again post-Halloween.

Celebrities such as Margot Robbie and Lupita Nyong’o have worn excellent Halloween costumes over the years, and they deserve to be revisited. I also included throwback looks from Jane Birkin, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Cindy Crawford—you’re welcome. Scroll down to see the most stylish Halloween costumes

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