The 18 Best Body Lotions for Every Budget

I have a weird, love-hate relationship with body lotion. On one hand, I know a consistent body-hydration habit will keep my skin suffused with hydration, glow, and nutrition (flakes, back away), but I just can’t stomach lotions that leave me so sticky or greasy I’m 99.9% tempted to jump right back into the shower. Anyone else? 

It was only recently (okay, since becoming a beauty editor) that I’ve finally curated a pot-of-gold collection of body lotions—the crème de la crème of creams that curb my previous cringies by delivering high-wattage moisture to my skin without making me feel like I could go down a waterless Slip ‘n Slide. It’s a slippery slope, and I dare say my group of chosen ones (aka the lotions lining my bathroom vanity) walk the line with dependable steadiness. The one glitch? The majority of lotions I’ve begun to prioritize are seriously debilitating to my bank account, and considering my body’s surface area (I’m 5’10”), my bottles hit empty real fast. 

So I did what any self-respecting beauty reporter would do, and I did some research—scanning labels, cross-checking ingredients, and diving headfirst into hundreds of reviews until I found nine affordably priced dopplegänger body lotions that could twin with all of my more expensive favorites. Now, I’m not saying goodbye to my budget-busting favorites altogether (I love them so much), but I’ll save them for indulgent occasions while reaping the still-decadent benefits of their thriftier counterparts. Curious to see what I came up with? Keep scrolling! The 18 best body lotions (cheap and not so cheap) are just below!

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