Reviewed: Milk Makeup Rise Lifting + Lengthening Mascara

At first glance, I loved how unique the packaging was. The tube is futuristic looking, which is the vibe I get from most of Milk Makeup’s products. It’s white, with a ridged, rubbery texture that can help you get a good grip when you’re applying the mascara. Naturally, it stood out to me since most mascaras have a smooth, sleek, metal, or plastic packaging.

When I applied Rise mascara to my lashes for the first time, I gasped out loud. Usually I have to use my trusty Shiseido Lash Curler ($23) whenever I use mascara, but with each swipe, my lashes were already lifting. Talk about rise… She was waking up! Glorious! I applied it how the brand recommends: wiggling the brush up from the root to the tip and applying a couple of coats without letting them dry in between. My lashes looked full, curled, and not spidery, stiff, or overdone. Love it! All in all, while I’m not completely dismissing the idea of getting a lash-lift someday, I’m definitely not in any rush to do it thanks to Milk Makeup’s Rise Lifting + Lengthening Mascara ($28). 

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