How to Create a Beautiful Wedding Photo Gallery Wall

7. Try the kraft paper method.

If you, like us, really like to visualize things before the nail goes into the wall, you can try our Editor Claire’s foolproof kraft paper method. Cut out pieces of paper the size of each frame. Claire keeps rolls of kraft paper on hand for such projects. Use painter’s tape – which easily comes off your walls when finished – to tape up the paper in the arrangement you like. This way you can see the layout on the wall and rearrange it as many times as you like before reaching for the hammer.

8. Take care with your heaviest frames.

For most picture frames, a nail and the usual framing hardware should hold. But, if you’re worried about a particularly heavy frame or picture, use a stud finder to choose a spot that will give your frame extra stability. Or, opt for sturdy wall anchors and screws which you can find at any hardware store.

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