How to Apply Foundation Like a Makeup Artist

If you’re after immaculate skin, foundation is one of the most important components to achieving the most polished look. There are tons of different formulas, price points, and (finally) shades to choose from, so finding the perfect foundation for you has never been easier.

The thing about foundation is that it can be tricky to apply. It seems like foundation should be the easiest thing in the world to put on (it’s just a base for your makeup that matches your skin tone, after all), but in reality, it’s much harder than it seems. We’ve all experienced the horrible realization that after painstakingly applying our chosen foundation, it looks like a total mess. 

The key to applying foundation seamlessly is a combination of applying the right skin prep, using the correct brushes, and choosing a formula that looks seamless on the skin. I spoke with celebrity makeup artist Renée Loiz to get the rundown on how to apply foundation so it looks like a professional did it every time. 

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